August 6, 1997

Augmenting Error$

In many places, I include Error$ as picked up in an error trap in a descriptive message. I use a function to expand its meaning. I call the function TSS

Manage Focus with MDI Toolbars

While developing MDI applications in VB 4.0, you probably have noticed that the cursor on the MDI child disappears when you click on the toolbar on the MDI parent. You

Printing Problem with Win95

Microsoft is currently working on a printing problem. Visual Basic 3.0 applications running in Windows 95 cannot print to shared printers with an embedded space. If a shared printer has

The StartMode Property Of The App Object

The StartMode setting in the Options dialog of the Tools menu in VB4determines only whether an application with no startup form continues torun after Sub Main has completed. This allows

Use The Sleep API Function Instead Of DoEvents

When in NT or Windows 95, use the Sleep API function instead of DoEvents.DoEvents does this: while (PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE)) { TranslateMessage(&msg); DispatchMessage(&msg);} DoEvents spends part of its

Center Your Forms

Add a method in VB 4.0 to center your forms against the screen or aparent form. Create a new project with two forms. Add this code to Form2: Public Sub

Don’t Remove Controls Using Tools-References

Use the Tools-Custom Controls dialog instead of Tools-References toremove controls. The project file will show references to all custom controlsin the project’s toolbox, even if they are not used by