August 6, 1997

New Declarations Possibilities For VB4

Add Optional parameters to your procedure calls. Both Functions and subs can now use the Optional keyword in the declaration to indicate that the following parameter is optional: Function mfbCheckDBStatus(Optional

Align All Your Controls On A Form

To line up controls on a form in VB4, select all the controls you want to line up. Press F4 to bring up the properties window. Then double-click on the

Passing A Control Array

Working with control arrays in VB3 was frustrating, but with VB4 youcan pass a control array as an argument to a function. Simply specify theparameter type as Variant: Private Sub

Hard-Lock a Table

In many applications, I want to make absolutely sure that the data in a Jet table doesn’t get modified under any circumstances. I hard-lock the table in addition to using

Add Properties To Data Access Objects

How many times have you wished field objects had a “RequiredIfCondition1″or other user-defined property? You can add one easily: Set NewProperty = Field1.CreateProperty(“FieldNote”)NewProperty.Type = dbTextField1.Properties.Append NewProperty

Minimizing All Windows In Win95

In Windows 95, only the VB windows with the property ShowInTaskbar setto True are minimized if you select Minimize All Windows from the taskbar context menu. This is the way