August 6, 1997

Minimizing All Windows In Win95

In Windows 95, only the VB windows with the property ShowInTaskbar setto True are minimized if you select Minimize All Windows from the taskbar context menu. This is the way

Redefine Your Tab Order

When you need to reset your tab indexes quickly (without buying a third party VB extension product), set the tabs in the reverse tab order assigning each tab index to

Rename The Printer Module

Do you have a module or class of the same name as a system-providedobject? If so, VB will use your object, not its own. In VB3, where youcouldn’t define your

Converting Strings To Title Case

I’ll present this tip the VB3 way and the VB4 way. I beat myself fora couple of hours over this routine to convert a string to Title Case.I used this

Properties Collection of Data Access Objects

The Properties collection of many data access objects is very helpfulwhen debugging. Execute this code from the debug window: For i = 0 to Recordset1.Properties.Count- 1:Debug.Print _ Recordset1.Properties(i).Name &Recordset1.Properties(i):Next

Use Object Substitution

Use object substitution to substitute a simple name with an extendedobject reference. Each “.” in the syntax represents an OLE lookup.Better performance is achieved the fewer times lookups need to