August 20, 1997

Checking for a Previous Instance

When working in Windows, it is very easy to lose a minimized icon onthe desktop. Or you may forget you have an application running and tryto open it again from

Data Updating Speed

When updating the values of several records in a loop, put a BeginTrans,CommitTrans around the loop. This will significantly speed up the updateprocess: BeginTrans Do Until dsData.EOF dsData.Edit dsData!sState_cd =

Making the Enter Key Work Like a Tab

To allow the Enter key to function as a Tab, enter this code in theKeyPress event of your text boxes: Sub Text1_KeyPress (KeyAscii As Integer) If KeyAscii = 13 Then

3-D Text Boxes in VB Pro

To create a 3-D text box, place a text box in a 3-D Panel and set thepanel’s AutoSize property to “Autosize Child to Panel.” Thenset the BevelOuter and BevelWidth properties

Using AutoTab with a Set MaxLength

To add AutoTab to text boxes that have a set MaxLength, add this codeto the text box Change event: Sub Text1_Change () If Len(Text1) = Text1.MaxLength Then SendKeys “{Tab}” End

Make Controls Appear 3-D

The latest trend in Windows programs is the use of a 3-D look thatmakes windows and controls appear to be three-dimensional. As a result,a number of tools for adding the

Optimize Code

I often see questions in the VBPJ forum about comparative speedsfor different methods of performing actions in code. In many cases, a simplegeneralization of which is fastest cannot be made.