August 20, 1997

A Handy Utility for Working with INI Files

If you work with INI files, save yourself hours of work and downloadthe INIFILE.BAS module I’ve uploaded to the VBPJ and MSBASIC Forumson CompuServe (file KPINI.ZIP). There’s no charge for

Testing for a Given File

There are lots of ways to test for whether a given file exists. Themost common method is to use the Dir$ function. If Dir$ returns a nullstring, then the file

Graphics in MDI Forms

To use a bitmap or other graphics in the client space of MDI forms,the only trick is getting the hWnd for that window so that you can useGDI functions on

Automatically Repairing Corrupt Databases

When you’re using VB’s built-in database functionality, you’re likelyto get a corrupted database sooner or later. Use this code to open yourdatabases and automatically repair any corrupt ones: On Local

Undo Changes in Text Boxes

Most professional applications have an Undo menu option under the Editmenu. If you want to have an undo feature for every text box, you may thinkyou need to create a

Show Free Resources

It is sometimes useful to determine the amount of Windows resourcesavailable. You can show percentage of free resources in an about box, forexample, or to detect memory leaks in a