Automatically Repairing Corrupt Databases

Automatically Repairing Corrupt Databases

When you’re using VB’s built-in database functionality, you’re likelyto get a corrupted database sooner or later. Use this code to open yourdatabases and automatically repair any corrupt ones:

 On Local Error Resume Next DidRetry% = False Db$="My-Db.MDB" DoOpenDatabase: Err = 0 Set SomeDb = OpenDatabase(Db$) If Err = 3043 Then 'The dreaded "Disk or Network Error" ... MsgBox "Database Engine error. Please restart _ Windows and this application", 16 End ElseIf Err = 3049 Then 'Database corrupted If Not DidRetry% Then 'Try to repair database ... RepairDatabase Db$ DidRetry% = True GoTo DoOpenDatabase Else MsgBox "Database repair failed. Please _ contact Tech Support", 16 End End If End If

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