February 2, 1998

Make the Right Comparison

Although Java’s String package is a lot more friendly than C’s string handling, you can still find yourself surprised by its behavior at times. Consider this code: import java.lang.String;public class

What are we Looking at?

To present your applet in a visually pleasing way, it’s often handy to know the size of the screen that’s available for output. Fortunately, a built-in AWT function makes determining

A const member function

Whenever you define a class member function which does not (and should not) change its object, it’s a good idea to define it as a const member function. There are

Activate Your Applets

Did you ever feel the urge to use a nice Java class you just wrote as an ActiveX object on your Windows machine? Good news: you can do it in

Out of Memory errors in Delphi 2.0

Question: I am working on my first Delphi 2.0 application which has grown to be quite large over the past few months. The problem is that lately I have been

Endless Loop

Question: I am having a problem with getting an infinite loop out of a particular program and I am not quite sure where the problem is at. If you could

DOS Graphics vs. Windows

Question: Is there a header file in Visual C++ v4 (sorry a bit behind :)) that replaces the old graph.h? I am writing console apps for school and would like

Accessing I/O Memory under Win32

Question: I would like to program the parallel port in Windows NT or 95. What should I do? Answer: At the simplest level, accessing the parallel port involves reading and

Aborting a Loop

Question: Is there any way to abort a loop with just pressing a kee. Like you could do in Pascal: dountil keypress Answer: If you are writing a loop that