May 19, 1998

Windows NT

Question: Is it possible to install Windows NT on the PC (without a network)? Answer: Yes, it is not only possible, but fully supported. In fact, in order to qualify


Question: I installed NT 4.0 over 95, and now what’s thebest way to uninstall only NT? Leaving 95 asit is. Answer: Yes, you can boot your computer with a Windows


Question: How can I get the current Desktop color? Answer: There are several ways to do this, but one way is to check the NT registry. HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Colors

Win NT Domain Management from VB5

Question: Are simple domain management tasks such as “Add User to a Group” or “Add a Computer to an NT domain” possible under VB5? Do you have sample codes? Answer:

Be careful with EOF

The standard library of the C programming language offers a functiongetc to read a single character from a file or stdin: char c = getc(stdin); This function is useful if

No Pointer Arithmetics Outside Array Bounds!

Sometimes it is tempting to let a pointer point to a location that isslightly beyond an array’s index range. For example, consider the followingself-defined array class, which allows you to