Win NT Domain Management from VB5

Win NT Domain Management from VB5

Are simple domain management tasks such as “Add User to a Group” or “Add a Computer to an NT domain” possible under VB5? Do you have sample codes?

Adding a user to a global group is not very difficult. The code below will allow you to do this. Note that you should replace “\LJ_Server” with the name of your PDC, “TestGroup” with the name of an already-created global group, and “xxx” with the name of a user already entered in on the PDC.

I was not able to find a way to add a computer to the NT domain. Apparently, that function is not exposed via the 32-bit API, which kinda makes sense, security-wise, but is rather annoying nonetheless.

Private Sub Command1_Click()  AddUserToGlobalGroup "\LJ_Server", _                       "TestGroup", _                       "xxx"End SubOption ExplicitDeclare Function NetGroupAddUser _   Lib "netapi32.dll" _   (ServerName As Byte, _    GroupName As Byte, _    UserName As Byte) As LongPrivate Const NERR_Success          As Long = 0&Private Const NERR_Base             As Long = 2100Private Const NERR_InvalidComputer  As Long = NERR_Base + 251Private Const NERR_NotPrimary       As Long = NERR_Base + 126Private Const NERR_GroupExists      As Long = NERR_Base + 123Private Const NERR_UserNotFound     As Long = NERR_Base + 121Private Const NERR_GroupNotFound    As Long = NERR_Base + 120Private Const NERR_UserNotInGroup   As Long = NERR_Base + 137' ------------------------------' Add a user to the global group' ------------------------------Public Sub AddUserToGlobalGroup(ByVal xi_strServerName As String, _               ByVal xi_strGroupName As String, _               ByVal xi_strUserName As String)   Dim p_abytServerName()  As Byte   Dim p_abytGroupName()   As Byte   Dim p_abytUserName()    As Byte   Dim p_lngRtn            As Long   Dim p_strErr            As String      ' ------------------------------   ' Convert strings to byte arrays   ' ------------------------------   p_abytServerName = xi_strServerName & vbNullChar   p_abytGroupName = xi_strGroupName & vbNullChar   p_abytUserName = xi_strUserName & vbNullChar     ' ------------------------------   ' Make the call to add user   ' ------------------------------   p_lngRtn = NetGroupAddUser(p_abytServerName(0), _                              p_abytGroupName(0), _                              p_abytUserName(0))         If p_lngRtn <> NERR_Success Then      ' Need to raise an error      p_strErr = "Failed to add the user '" & _                 xi_strUserName & _                 "' to the global group, '" & _                 xi_strGroupName & "'"            Select Case p_lngRtn         Case NERR_InvalidComputer            p_strErr = p_strErr & " -- This server name is invalid: '" & _                       xi_strServerName & "'."         Case NERR_NotPrimary            p_strErr = p_strErr & " -- This operation is only allowed on the primary domain controller of the domain."         Case NERR_GroupExists            p_strErr = p_strErr & " -- The group already exists."         Case NERR_UserNotFound            p_strErr = p_strErr & " -- The user name could not be found."         Case NERR_GroupNotFound            p_strErr = p_strErr & " -- The group name could not be found."         Case NERR_UserNotInGroup            p_strErr = p_strErr & " -- The user does not belong to this group."         Case 53            p_strErr = p_strErr & " -- The network path was not found."         Case Else            ' Just keep original error string            p_strErr = p_strErr & "."      End Select               Err.Raise Number:=p_lngRtn, _                Source:="AddUserToGlobalGroup", _                Description:=p_strErr   End If   End Sub
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