June 16, 1998

Running other apps from a C++ app

Question: I recently started programming with Borland C++ Builder and the help files aren’t much help at all. I would like to know what the code is for executing another

Mixing delete and delete[]

Question: I am programming with Visual C++ 5.0 and the class library StarView from StarDivision.Looking at the Source from StarView, I found bad code: void** p = new (void*)[100];…delete p;

Include a Hits Counter Using ASP

If you’re using Internet Information Server with Active Server Page technology for hosting your Web site, here is a simple way to include a hits counter and the date the

Highlight Comments in your ASP Pages

If you’re using IIS 3.0 with Active Server Page technology for hosting yourWeb site, here is a very simple way to highlight comments in your ASP pages andreduce page download