June 16, 1998

Hex system

Question: I am trying to create a program that will log HTML color schemes to a file, and I can’t get C++ to count in hex. I looked in the

Virtual memory on large dataset

Question: I’m working with large multidimensional dataset (> 10 dimensions and > 100,000 points). One particular problem I have is the use of virtual memory (for example, via new). When

Programming in in Win32

Question: I have taken two semesters of C++ and feel pretty confident about the whole OOP aspect of things. I have a good understanding of all the fundamentals of C++.

Macro and functions

Question: What is a macro? What is the difference between macros and functions? How do you invoke a macro? Please give an example of code. Answer: A macro is simply

Compilation Errors

Question: What is an “lvalue”? How does it relate to “rvalue”? Answer: An lvalue is simply a value on the left side of an expression, and an rvalue is a

Stay on Bottom Forms

Question: Is there a way to make a window like the Stay on Top window, but make it stay behind? For example, if you click on the desktop it does


Question: I am thinking of learning C++, and I have not yet looked into it. Why would one choose to code in C++ instead of any other language? What is

VID 1 Environment Mystifying

Question: I have been doing VB since 1.0, and Frontpage since 1.1, however VID’s IDE has me mystified. What book would you recomend. I am at a total loss.Syd Answer:

Text Orientation in a Bitmap

Question: How is it possible to write a vertical text (with TextOut procedure) in a bitmap (Delphi 2)? Answer: I know how to do this with a TLabel descendant, but