I am thinking of learning C++, and I have not yet looked into it. Why would one choose to code in C++ instead of any other language? What is the difference between C++ and C, and between C++ and Visual Basic?

C++ might be described as C on steroids! C++ is an extension of C and supports all the C constructs. Although knowledge of C would be helpful in learning C++, I think it makes more sense to jump right into C++ because it is very common today and fewer and fewer people still use straight C.

Visual Basic is quite different from C and C++. While C and C++ programming in Windows can take a lot of time to learn, Visual Basic is a high-level language that can get you up and running instantly. However, Visual Basic isn’t as flexible as C and C++. If you plan to get heavily into programming, C++ is probably the answer. However, if you just want to try it out and see how you like it, Visual Basic might be the place to start.

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