VID 1 Environment Mystifying

VID 1 Environment Mystifying

I have been doing VB since 1.0, and Frontpage since 1.1, however VID’s IDE has me mystified. What book would you recomend. I am at a total loss.Syd

I hear you. As a VB person, I too recall being disoriented in the Visual InterDev (Internet Studio) IDE. You’ll get on to it – just in time to start over.

You see, there’s good news and bad news for VB developers who also work in VID. The good news is that all of September’s Visual Studio 6 components are expected to sport the new Microsoft Development Environment. The bad news is that VB developers will have adjust to it.
BTW, one nice touch in VID 6 is a combo box from which you can choose your comfortable Visual Basic layout as your environment.

As for books, I’d rather avoid book recommendations, partly out of conflict-of-interest but mainly because any book that I think is great may barely touch on the subjects you need most.


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