Usage of a Custom Ordinal in Enum

Usage of a Custom Ordinal in Enum

The getCustomValue() method on the enum returns the custom value associated. You can use this mechanism when you want to override the default ordinal with a custom ordinal.

Code snippet

public class CustomEnumOrdinal{   public static void main(String args[])   {      CustomEnumOrdinal customEnumOrdinal = new CustomEnumOrdinal();      customEnumOrdinal.proceed();   }      enum Days {      SUNDAY(1), MONDAY(2), TUESDAY(3), WEDNESDAY(4), THURSDAY(5), FRIDAY(6), SATURDAY(7);            int customValue;      Days(int customValueArg)      {         customValue = customValueArg;      }            int getCustomValue()      {         return customValue;      }   }      private void proceed()   {      Days ordinalDay = Days.FRIDAY; //Change this value to one of the values in the enum Days to get the respective custome ordinal value      System.out.println("Custom ordinal of " + ordinalDay + " is " + ordinalDay.getCustomValue());   }}/*Expected output: Custom ordinal of FRIDAY is 6*/


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