June 22, 1998

File System

Question: Is there a fixed limit on the number of files or folders that an NTFS or FAT directory may contain? Is there a practical limit on the number of

IS Administrator

Question: Can I check if the user running the application has either local machine or domain administrative privileges? I have a piece of code which does this in C++ ,

NT Server Local Groups

Question: I would like to be able to gain access to NT server local groups for enum, member enum, add member, delete member. We have a lot of servers as

Error message

Question: I have two hard drives. I have 95 on C and want to install NT on E. I have 1.99 gig on D and E Free. I would like


Question: I have 130 users on my Novell side and I want them to be able to use all of the printer on my NT side. How can I authenticate


Question: I am trying to use the CreateProcessAsUser API function. If I put the declaration found in the win32api.txt, the program responds, “Can’t found DLL entry point” (Lib kernel32 function