October 3, 1998

Visual InterDev: Logging File Download

Sometimes it is useful to keep track of users’ file download activity on your site. When a user clicks on a hyperlink to download a file, you can run an ASP page on the server to log something into SQL Server and then download the file into the client. The

:: Operator Should not be Used to Designate a Global Function

In some frameworks (MFC, for instance), it’s customary to add the scope resolution operator :: before a global function’s name to mark it explicitly as a function that is not a class member. void String::operator = (const String& other) { ::strcpy (this->buffer, &other); // strcpy is preceded by :: operator,

The Graphics.create() method

The Graphics.create() method is a convenient way of creating a copy of a Graphics context. For example, you can use the Graphics.create() method if you want to make a copy of a Graphics context in order to make some alterations to it (for example, change the foreground or background color)

Read-Only Text Controls Without the Caret

Assume you want a text control with a vertical scrollbar, but you don’t want users to be able to modify it and you don’t want users to see any caret in the control when they click on it. However, you still want users to be able to scroll all text.