October 24, 1998

Swing, Buttons in Buttons

Tired of the same old buttons? My car radio has buttons in buttons, and you can do the same with Swing. Swing components are also containers which can contain other

How is Virtual Inheritance Implemented?

When multiple inheritance is used, it is sometimes necessary to use virtual inheritance. A good example for this is the standard iostream class hierarchy: //Note: this is a simplified description

Code-Commenting Shortcuts

Instead of going to the Edit menu to comment out a section of code, you can add the comment command to the shortcut menu you access by right-clicking in a

Is My Object Valid?

Have you ever needed to determine if an object variable is holding a valid reference? TypeName() returns a class name if the object holds a valid reference. It returns the

Run Your VB App on Startup

Do you have an application you need to launch on Windows startup? Typically, you do this by placing an item in the Startup directory. However, you can also do this