Providing an “Insert Object” Dialog for the RichTextBox

One of the enhancements to the RichTextBox control in VB5 is the addition of an OLEObjects collection, which allows Rich Text documents to include linked or embedded OLE objects. However, the RichTextBox control provides no interactive way for users to insert such objects; they must be added by means of the Add method of the OLEObjects collection.

You can, however, use the Insert Object dialog provided by VB’s OLE Container control to allow the user to insert an OLE object into a RichTextBox. Add an OLE Container control (oleObj) to your form, and set its Visible property to False. Then add this code behind a button or menu item:

 Private Sub cmdInsertObject_Click()	Dim sClass As String	' Show OLE Container control's	' Insert Object dialog	oleObj.InsertObjDlg	' If user makes a selection, add it to	' RichTextBox's OLEObjects collection	sClass = oleObj.Class	If Len(sClass) Then		rtfText.OLEObjects.Add , , , sClass		' Clear OLE Container's object to conserve memory		oleObj.Class = ""	End IfEnd Sub
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