October 31, 1998

Why Use Inner Classes?

Inner classes often make your programming task easier by eliminating the requirement to write parameterized constructors for your classes and to pass references as parameters. A method in an inner class has direct access to the instance variables of an object of the type for which it is an inner

RDS Custom DataFactory in IE4

Sometimes it’s necessary to create your own RDS server object because of some inherent limitations of the built-in RDSServer.DataFactory object. If you find it necessary to build your own version of the DataFactory, you need to keep in mind the following key items: You must manually add the name of

Anonymous vs. Regular Inner Classes

Inner classes are useful for instantiating and registering listeners on event sources. When should you use an anonymous inner class and when should you use a regular inner class? If you need only one listener of a given type to be registered on a single source, you should use the