RDS Custom DataFactory in IE4

RDS Custom DataFactory in IE4

Sometimes it’s necessary to create your own RDS server object because of some inherent limitations of the built-in RDSServer.DataFactory object. If you find it necessary to build your own version of the DataFactory, you need to keep in mind the following key items:

  • You must manually add the name of your custom business object to the registry of the server. This indicates that the object is safe for initialization over http and is in addition to standard object registration.
  • Input parameters to methods of the object should be passed as ByVal instead of ByRef.
  • The recordset should be returned as the lightweight ADOR recordset type instead of the heavier (but more full featured) ADODB type recordset. The lighter ADOR type recordset can be passed back to the client more quickly because it is smaller than the ADODB type recordset.
  • The CursorLocation property of the recordset should be set to adUseClientBatch. This allows the recordset to be disconnected from the ADO connection.
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