November 18, 1998

Yet Another CenterForm Routine

In the April 1997 issue of VBPJ, you published a tip called “Consider the Taskbar When Centering Forms.” You can center forms more easily with the SystemParametersInfo API call: Private

In Search of Sample Code

I’m always looking for sample code, and the setup1.vbp file is an excellent source of reusable code. It comes with VB and is part of the VB setup kit. The

Force an MDI Window Refresh

I sometimes want an MDI parent window to be repainted. For example, if a modal dialog is displayed over the MDI form and you click on OK, the dialog is

Hiding VBScript and JavaScript from Old Browsers

Web page “graceful degradation” means making new capabilities invisible to older browsers that don’t support them. Many authors hide VBScript or JavaScript code inside an HTML comment so that older