November 20, 1998

Changing the current directory

Question: How does one change the current working directory of a Java program or a java.lang.Process? The equivalent of the Unix chdir system call seems to be absent. Answer: There


Question: Given a reference to an object B that is a subclass of A and overrides method foo(), is there any way I can invoke the base implementation of foo()

RAND Function

Question: I’m doing a select statement within a stored procedure, which returns several columns. I would like to assign a random number to each column, but when I use the

Sort by date

Question: In a project tracking database, one of the columns in a table contains the date in this format: MM/DD/YY. I would like to be able to see a listing

Cannot index

Question: SQL Server 6.5 does not allow an index to be placed on the bit datatype. Does this affect performance when doing queries that filter on the bit, or are

Using a stored procedure like a subquery

Question: I’m trying to get something like this to work. How can I take the output of a stored procedure and use it in a subquery? create procedure pcore asselect

Documenting my tables, triggers

Question: We use SQL Server 6.5 (7 in a few weeks). I’m looking for a good tool to generate ERDs and overviews of my database tables. Which software can you

pass variables to a pb app

Question: My PowerBuilder application is a contact system. It includes a case-based reasoning system that uses customer account numbers to guide users through actions. I need to be able to