November 20, 1998

Sort by date

Question: In a project tracking database, one of the columns in a table contains the date in this format: MM/DD/YY. I would like to be able to see a listing

Exporting Select Query to CSV File

Question: Using the following SQL statement, I could export a select query into a dbf file at c: emp est.dbf INSERT INTO test IN ‘C: emp’ ‘DBASE IV;’ SELECT *

Listviews Item Selection

Question: How can I select the whole row (with a bigger blue line) in a listview control? The default selects just the item located in the first column. Answer: That

Printing a line at the detail band

Question: I want to print a line at the detail band onlyif it’s on the last row of the page; otherwise, itshould not print at all. Answer: To achieve this,

Page allocations in a sql table

Question: I am getting all kinds of errors on a database table that have something to do with page allocation in the database (error 1109). I would like to drop

Socket Buffer Size

Question: How do I set the socket input and output buffer sizes in Java? Answer: You cannot set the socket input and output buffer sizes in Java versions prior to

What is SQL?

Question: What are the types of features available and its respective characteristics? How does this language help in relational databases? Answer: May I suggest you obtain Joe Celko’s introductory book