November 20, 1998

Sort by date

Question: In a project tracking database, one of the columns in a table contains the date in this format: MM/DD/YY. I would like to be able to see a listing of projects that are overdue. Is it possible to query the table so that the SQL statement returns only records

Exporting Select Query to CSV File

Question: Using the following SQL statement, I could export a select query into a dbf file at c: emp est.dbf INSERT INTO test IN ‘C: emp’ ‘DBASE IV;’ SELECT * FROM Table1 How would I write a SQL statment to export the same select query to a CSV (comma separated)

Listviews Item Selection

Question: How can I select the whole row (with a bigger blue line) in a listview control? The default selects just the item located in the first column. Answer: That is the default behavior for a listview control as defined by Microsoft, and as such you cannot select the whole

Printing a line at the detail band

Question: I want to print a line at the detail band onlyif it’s on the last row of the page; otherwise, itshould not print at all. Answer: To achieve this, you will need to return the rownumber of the result set in the result set. Or alternatively, after the datawindow

Page allocations in a sql table

Question: I am getting all kinds of errors on a database table that have something to do with page allocation in the database (error 1109). I would like to drop the table and restore from a backup, but I receive this error when I try to drop, select into, or

Socket Buffer Size

Question: How do I set the socket input and output buffer sizes in Java? Answer: You cannot set the socket input and output buffer sizes in Java versions prior to 1.2. To do so requires writing native code. You just have to live with whatever the system default values are.Starting

Controlling the cursor position in a TextField

Question: Is there a way to put the text editing cursor in a specific position, like at the end of the string, in a TextField? Answer: This is the sort of question people ask because they look at the javadocs for TextField, but don’t see a cursor placement method and

What is SQL?

Question: What are the types of features available and its respective characteristics? How does this language help in relational databases? Answer: May I suggest you obtain Joe Celko’s introductory book on the subject titled Instant SQL Programming. I

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