November 20, 1998

Socket Buffer Size

Question: How do I set the socket input and output buffer sizes in Java? Answer: You cannot set the socket input and output buffer sizes in Java versions prior to

Changing the current directory

Question: How does one change the current working directory of a Java program or a java.lang.Process? The equivalent of the Unix chdir system call seems to be absent. Answer: There

pass variables to a pb app

Question: My PowerBuilder application is a contact system. It includes a case-based reasoning system that uses customer account numbers to guide users through actions. I need to be able to

Documenting my tables, triggers

Question: We use SQL Server 6.5 (7 in a few weeks). I’m looking for a good tool to generate ERDs and overviews of my database tables. Which software can you

Using a stored procedure like a subquery

Question: I’m trying to get something like this to work. How can I take the output of a stored procedure and use it in a subquery? create procedure pcore asselect

Cannot index

Question: SQL Server 6.5 does not allow an index to be placed on the bit datatype. Does this affect performance when doing queries that filter on the bit, or are

What is SQL?

Question: What are the types of features available and its respective characteristics? How does this language help in relational databases? Answer: May I suggest you obtain Joe Celko’s introductory book