January 8, 1999

Drop column from a table

Question: How can I drop a column from a table? Is there any way to do it without recreating the table? The table in question has several dependencies that I

void pointers

Question: I am having trouble converting the info in a void pointer to usable information. I have a method that returns a void pointer (void*), and in one instance (the

Character Sets Available in SQL 6.5

Question: We’d like to find a table or listing of all the character sets available in SQL Server 6.5. Is there any way to get this from the Charset files

Convert function

Question: I am trying to do the SQL statements on the client side. Because I have declare int in the database, I need to convert the column before I can

printing all the source code

Question: Is there any way to print all the source code in an application or library? Answer: You can use a product called PowerDoc to achieve this, or you could

Web-enabling existing PB 6.0 Application

Question: I know that there are several ways to Web-enable applications in PB. I am looking for the most cost-efficient and least time-consuming solution. Any ideas? Answer: This is a

Get a Dropdown Datawindow Handle

Question: How can I insert rows into a dropdown datawindow that is a column in a datawindow im my report? Answer: You need to use the following code to access

How can I tell if Word is running

Question: Using Pb 6.5 and Windows 95, how can I tell if Word is running in the background? Answer: This is a difficult answer depending on if you know what

Check contraints

Question: I have a primary key (client id) of five characters which contains: character # 1: A-Z character # 2: 0-9 character # 3: 1-9 character # 4: blank or