February 12, 1999

Passing Information From a Form to Code

Question: I want to add a simple form to my Web page, but I can’t figure it out. I want a form that lets my users enter text into a textarea box, and an onSubmit function that will send the text to a nearby frame (or iframe) and save it

Nested Namespaces Reduce Name Clashes

Nested namespaces are useful in large-scale projects, whereby every development team gets a dedicated namespace within the project’s namespace. Nested namespaces reduce the likelihood of name clashes among different teams within the same project. namespace proj // a namespace for the entire project{ namespace dba_team // nested; used by database

Quick and Dirty Tickmarks

The JSlider component can be customized so that its labels, track, and tickmarks (or any combination of the three) are hidden. Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn off the slider itself. This would be useful in situations where you want to display a scale next to some sort of ruler,

Hide Unnecessary Navigation Buttons Using DHTML

Hide your navigation buttons using DHTML when you don’t need them. Imagine a page with a databound table on it showing ten rows of data. When you’re at the beginning or end of the table, either the “Previous” or the “Next” button is not needed. The following code shows how

Using the Visual Basic Snapshot Data Object

The Visual Basic Snapshot data object is closely related to the Dynaset data object, but differs in several key respects. Snapshots are stored entirely in RAM on the user’s local machine, and they can’t be updated dynamically, so they’re most useful if you have a small set of records which