February 26, 1999

Calling JavaScript in an Anchor Tag

There are many ways to call a JavaScript function in an HTML document. One way is inside an anchor tag. Any function that is listed in the portion of the document can be called within an anchor, and the anchor tag can refer to either text or an image. Test

Customize the Index Server Results Page

Don’t like that plain search results page that comes up when using index server, when the rest of your site looks so nice? The results page is a file with the extension “.htx” (by default search.asp0.htx for ASP sites, or search.htm0.htx for HTML sites). This file is really just HTML

Performance of typeid vs. dynamic_cast<>

As far as design is concerned, dynamic_cast should be preferred to typeid because the former enables more flexibility and extensibility. Notwithstanding that, the runtime overhead of typeid can be less expensive than dynamic_cast, depending on the operands. An invocation of operator typeid is a constant time operation–it takes the same

Starting a Thread Using the Thread Class or the Runnable Interface

You can start a thread in Java by either implementing the java.lang.Runnable interface or by extending the java.lang.Thread class (see Tip “Weaving Threads”). How do you decide which mechanism to use? Remember that if you extend the Thread class into a user-defined class, you are using up the single inheritance