Customize the Index Server Results Page

Customize the Index Server Results Page

Don’t like that plain search results page that comes up when using index server, when the rest of your site looks so nice? The results page is a file with the extension “.htx” (by default search.asp0.htx for ASP sites, or search.htm0.htx for HTML sites). This file is really just HTML code, with server scripting to load the results data (see Tip: “Locating the Results Page in Index Server”). Therefore, you can change it as you see fit to more readily look like the rest of your site. However, if you take the default location for this file (usually the /_derived/ subdirectory) and begin to include or paste in your HTML code, beware! Since you are in a subdirectory, your references to graphics or include files may be off (for example, “imagesmenu_graphic.gif” won’t exist in that location). You must resolve your paths either with server variables for the application path or include the full reference on them. Better yet, you can simply put this HTX file in with your other ASP pages and not worry about the references since it will be the same.

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