Terry Clune’s Fintech Empire

Terry Clune’s Fintech Empire

FinTech Leadership

Over the past 30 years, Terry Clune has built a remarkable business empire, with CluneTech at the helm. The CEO and Founder has successfully created eight fintech firms, attracting renowned clients like Barclays, Wells Fargo, and Harvard. Throughout his career, Clune has managed international taxes, payroll, and marketing for his clients, becoming an almost-billionaire with an approximately $900 million net worth.

CluneTech’s Innovative Leadership in Fintech

Clune and his fintech firms have been consistently developing revolutionary solutions, effectively positioning CluneTech at the forefront of financial services. This has elevated the company’s global reputation, provided job opportunities, and triggered economic growth in the Kilkenny region.

From Early Beginnings to Mainstream Success

Born in Wicklow, Ireland, Clune’s entrepreneurial instincts were apparent from an early age. Though his first venture – cleaning and collecting discarded fertilizer bags at eight years old – was short-lived, it inspired him to pursue a lasting career in fintech. As he established groundbreaking companies, his passion for transforming financial services played a pivotal role in shaping digital finance.

TransferMate and Other Successes

TransferMate, his current largest holding, achieved unicorn status in Ireland and manages prominent banks’ cross-border transactions. Following the sale of his international payroll company, Immedis, Clune amassed an impressive $280 million in cash. This enabled him to keep supporting and investing in promising fintech startups.

Looking Toward the Future

His upcoming plans consist of raising money for tax filing service Sprintax and initiating IPOs for other businesses. The key objective is expanding Sprintax’s reach and collaborating with industry players to ensure successful IPO launches.

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Remaining Grounded Amid Growing Wealth

Despite his increasing affluence, Clune prefers being ‘Mr. Ordinary’ and focuses on spending time with loved ones and giving back to his community.

Onward and Upward

With no plans to retire, Clune’s entrepreneurial spirit remains strong, driving him to explore new ventures and further push the boundaries in the business world.

A Closer Look at Clune’s Early Days

Clune’s entrepreneurial journey began in childhood when he started collecting and cleaning discarded fertilizer bags. Although the business was short-lived, it proved to be a significant stepping stone in his career.

The Road to CluneTech

The CEO and Founder’s innovative spirit guided Clune to establish several pioneering fintech companies, gaining respect in the industry and enabling him to create CluneTech as the leading force.

The Global Impact of CluneTech’s Success

CluneTech’s successes have not only positively impacted the company’s reputation but also generated substantial economic growth and job opportunities within the Kilkenny region.

Acquiring Billionaire Status with Immedis and Its Sale

Following the sale of Immedis earlier this year, Clune reached a net worth of approximately $900 million. Thus, he now has the resources to continue investing in and supporting innovative ventures.

Continued Growth and Future Investments

Clune plans to expand his business empire further by raising capital for Sprintax and launching IPOs of several other ventures. With a focus on expansion and collaboration, Clune aims to cement his position as a forerunner in fintech.

Never Losing Sight of What Matters Most

Despite his immense wealth, Clune remains an approachable and grounded individual. He focuses on treasured moments with family and friends and generously giving back to his community.

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Remaining Committed to Innovation

Clune’s entrepreneurial spirit endures, driving him to explore new opportunities and contribute significantly to the dynamic world of business. With his unerring determination, Clune perseveres in setting the standard for future entrepreneurs.

Clune: A True Success Story

Terry Clune’s exceptional accomplishments in the fintech industry serve as a testament to his unwavering passion for innovation and his dedication to serving clients worldwide. His story inspires not only those in the fintech sector but also aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

In conclusion, Terry Clune and CluneTech serve as shining examples of perseverance, innovation, and success in fintech. With his unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, Clune will no doubt continue his upward trajectory in the ever-evolving world of digital finance.


Who is Terry Clune?

Terry Clune is an Irish entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder of CluneTech, a successful business empire consisting of eight fintech firms. Over the past 30 years, Clune has built a reputation for providing innovative financial solutions to renowned clients, including Barclays, Wells Fargo, and Harvard.

What is CluneTech?

CluneTech is a group of fintech firms founded by Terry Clune, which has been at the forefront of financial services. The companies under CluneTech have developed revolutionary solutions in areas such as international taxes, payroll, and marketing, offering job opportunities and promoting economic growth in the Kilkenny region.

What led to Terry Clune’s success in fintech?

Clune’s entrepreneurial instincts, passion for transforming financial services, and innovative spirit have played pivotal roles in his success within the fintech industry. Starting from humble beginnings, Clune has established groundbreaking companies that have shaped the landscape of digital finance.

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What is TransferMate, and how is it significant in Clune’s empire?

TransferMate is Terry Clune’s current largest holding and a prominent fintech firm that has achieved unicorn status in Ireland. It manages cross-border transactions for major banks, further cementing Clune’s position as an innovative leader in the industry.

How is Terry Clune planning for the future?

Clune’s future plans include raising money for tax filing service Sprintax and initiating IPOs for other businesses. The key objective is to expand Sprintax’s reach and collaborate with industry players to ensure successful IPO launches.

What is Terry Clune’s net worth, and how does he remain grounded?

Terry Clune’s net worth is approximately $900 million. Despite his significant wealth, Clune prefers being ‘Mr. Ordinary,’ focusing on spending time with loved ones, giving back to his community, and remaining approachable and grounded.

What drives Clune to continue exploring new ventures?

Terry Clune’s entrepreneurial spirit remains strong, driving him to explore new ventures and further push the boundaries in the business world. His commitment to innovation and setting the standard for future entrepreneurs keeps him motivated in his journey.

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