March 25, 1999

More about sizeof() operator

Question: I’m using the sizeof() operator to find the length of my integers just like the Q&A section said, but it consistently returns a 4 regardless of integer length. What

Displaying a date

Question: I have a date stored as an integer — days from 1/1/1900. iis there an algorithm out there to display the day, month, and year? Or is there an

Short Vs. Int and Number Conversion

Question: 1) What is the difference between a int and a short variable? 2) How do I convert a number to binary from decimal? Answer: 1. Depending on the platform,

MFC vs. VB?

Question: I am not new to C++, but I am new to VC++. The question I have pertains to the usability of MFC versus the ease and power of VB.

Command Line Parameters

Question: I want to write a DOS program that takes command line parameters and uses them in the program.For example, if the program was comline.exe and you typed in the

Void Pointer and -> Operator

Question: I am a beginner to C++ and have looked into several resources but still have some questions. Can you tell me what a void pointer is and what it


Question: How can I convert integers to strings? I’m using a gcc compiler under Solaris 2.6. itoa, which I used in VC++, doesn’t work. By the way, how can I

List Files With FileSystemObjects

One of Visual Basic’s handiest functions is the Dir function, which allows you to find all the files with a given filespec. VBScript does not have an identical function, but

Display the Stack Trace

The stack trace is a useful debugging tool that you’ll normally take advantage of when an exception has been thrown. It provides information on the execution history of the current