April 15, 1999

Primary Key Should Not be Clustered

By default, when you define a primary key in the create table statement, it uses a clustered index. However, a clustered key is best used to support queries that return

Debug Problems in Your GridBagLayout Code

The GridBagLayout is a flexible layout manager, but is also notoriously difficult to use. Some of the most common and difficult to debug problems occur when the amount of space

Use Full-Screen Mode in Visual InterDev 6

Giving yourself enough elbow room to design Web pages can be difficult inside the Visual InterDev environment. However, there’s a little-known feature that greatly expands your screen real estate. Full

Uses of Reverse Iterators

Reverse iterators are ordinary iterators except that they invert the semantic of the overloaded ++ and — operators. They are useful when the elements of a container are accessed in