April 23, 1999

Getting Disconnected When Online

Question: I often get disconnected for no apparent reason after being online for only ten minutes or so. Is this a normal occurrence? Answer: The reasons for being disconnected can vary from receiving call-waiting beeps while online to problems with your modem or inferior connections. Unfortunately, if you are using

Software to Create Web Pages

Question: What is the best software package available for the intermediate programmer to develop Web pages? I have never created a Web page before, but I have about 20 years of experience programming in Basic, Fortran, C, and Visual Basic. Answer: With your Visual Basic experience, it seems that Visual

Changing the Color of an Image Upon Mouseover

Question: I’m designing a new rollover for my menu frame. I have five graphics, and I want them to change colors when the user mouses over them. Also, how do I make it so that text appears in the status bar at the bottom of the window? Answer: There are

Improve Loop Performance

It’s often the case that you’ll use some derived value in the test section of a for loop. Many times this value will not be changed during the loop, such as in this example: Vector stuff;stuff.addElement(“First”);stuff.addElement(“Second”);…for (int i = 0; i < stuff.size(); i++) { System.out.println(stuff.elementAt(i));} // for (int i

Send Visitors to the Front Page

Many Web site managers prefer all site visitors to enter their site through the front page. The front page may contain site usage information that all users should see, or navigation tools that they’ll be lost without. In any case, you can ensure that all visitors go to the front

One Package Fits All Clients

Your database is useless if your clients can’t connect to it. However, keeping all the DLLs necessary in sync with each other has always been a complicated task. Microsoft has tried to make this task a bit easier with a new package called the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). Microsoft

What’s in an Allocator?

Every STL container uses an allocator that encapsulates the memory model that the specific platform uses. Allocators hide the platform-dependent details such as the size of pointers, memory organization, reallocation model, and memory page size. Since a container can work with different allocator types, it can easily work in different