May 9, 1999

String Substitution

Question: How can I find and replace a substring of a String? Answer: The String class is immutable. That is, once you have created a String, you cannot change its

Batch files won’t run

Question: My batch files don’t run anymore. I’ve changed the association for editting them, and now that is the default action. Also, the “add” button is disabled in the edit

Windows Standard Color Dialog

Question: How can I call the Windows color dialog box in Powerbuilder 6.0? Answer: To use the Windows standard color chooser dialog, you will need to declare and use some

MOD Division

Question: Does Java have a MOD function? Answer: The Java language has a built-in operator to perform modulus division. It is the same as that of the C and C++

File Paths

Question: How do I grab a file’s absolute path, given a filename? Answer: All you have to do is create a File object corresponding to the filename and call getAbsolutePath().