Windows Standard Color Dialog

How can I call the Windows color dialog box in Powerbuilder 6.0?

To use the Windows standard color chooser dialog, you will need to declare and use some API calls. Create a new nonvisual object and define a structure in your object with the following attributes:

long lstructsizeulong hwndownerulong hinstancelong rgbresultblob lpcustcolorslong flagslong lcustdatalong lpfnhooklong lptemplatename

Then define the following instance variables:

YOUR_STRUCTURENAME istr_ChooseColourLong il_CustomCols[16]Blob{64} ibl_CustomColours

In the constructor event add the following code:

BlobEdit( ibl_CustomColours, 1, il_CustomCol )istr_ChooseColour.lpcustcolors = ibl_CustomColours istr_ChooseColour.lStructSize = 36SetNull( istr_ChooseColor.hwndOwner )istr_ChooseColour.flags = 1

Then define the following API call:

function boolean ChooseColorA( REF YOURSTRUCTURE_NAME lpcc ) library "commdlg"

Then define a function and add the following code:

ChooseColorA ( istr_ChooseColour )RETURN istr_ChooseColor.rgbresult
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