May 19, 1999

Using the Format Function With Strings

You’ll use the Format function most often with numbers, but it can be useful when applied to strings as well. For example, you can format a credit card number-which is

What are Plain Old Data (POD) Objects?

A POD (plain old data) object has one of these data types–a fundamental type, pointer, union, struct, array, or class–with no constructor. Conversely, a non-POD object is one for which

Add and Subtract Dates Using VBScript

VBScript has two functions for adding/subtracting dates or date values: DateAdd and DateDiff. For example: DateAdd(interval, number, date)DateDiff(interval, date1, date2 [,firstdayofweek[, firstweekofyear]]) Interval could be “yyyy” for Year, “q” for

Avoid Unwanted Recursion From Event Cascades

Sometimes, an event might fire while it’s already executing from a prior invocation. To prevent this unwanted behavior, assign a static variable within the procedure, and test it before allowing