June 2, 1999

Accessing a C++ Object in C Code

C code, which of course is unaware of object semantics, can access the data members of a C++ object directly, but certain requirements must be met. There are some guarantees

Threading Piped Streams

Piped streams are typically used in separate threads. One thread writes output to a PipedOutputStream. The other thread reads the same data from a PipedInputStream. The two streams are connected

Running Piped Threads

In a typical application using piped streams, an object of type PipedInputStream and an object of type PipedOutputStream are started as separate threads. One thread uses a PipedOutputStream to output

Set Objects to Nothing

If you set objects to Nothing, then test their nothingness, this suggestion might help you. If you declare an object as New and later set it to Nothing, VB won’t

Hashed Associative Containers

The Standard Template Library (STL) provides only one type of associative container–the sorted associative container. The STL sorted associative containers are map, multimap, set, and multiset. However, there is another

Track MousePointer Changes

If you develop large apps, this routine can help you keep a count of calls to change the mousepointer. The routine, called MouseStack, keeps a stack of those calls and