June 4, 1999

Class Module(.cls) vs. Module(.bas)

Question: For the same global function, what’s the difference between placing it in a global module and in a class module?Are there any performance issues involved? If so, which way

String Manipulation

Question: I have a VB app which formats a large text file and then prints it using MS Word. I need to include what amounts to a thick underscore in

ActiveX EXE vs. DLL

Question: I have an ActiveX dll into which I can pass an existing ImageList containing a set of images. This works fine and means that I only have to maintain

DataObject Object

Question: In an event, I declared a dataobjectvariable and instantiated it this way : Dim do_1 as dataobject Set do_1= New dataobject But when I run the program I get

Rounding function

Question: Is there a way to round numbers to the nearest multiple of n, where n could be any number? For example, if n = 5, it would round 8

Customizing Serialization

If a class contains non-serializable variables, and you need to preserve the state of those variables, you will have to customize the default serialization behavior of the class. You can