June 10, 1999

ADO connection to an mdb database fails

Question: Summary of the problem: Connecting directly to a Microsoft Access database from a Web project developed in Interdev 6.0 fails unless I modify every .Open to use a connection

Need a simple script

Question: I need the following simple script. Visitors should be able to enter their e-mail address in a form on my site and the address should be put in a

ASP & ActiveX

Question: I have an ActiveX (MyKalender.ocx) and I know the ClassID of, I included it to an ASP-File -> I can see it but how can I get information about

Ad rotator logging

Question: I have built an ASP-based banner system using the Ad Rotator component. How can I log this information into a database (prefer) and retrieve the number of impressions and

Dynamic Includes

Question: How can I do a dynamic include, such as:However, I think I know why this doesn’t work– because includes are tossed in before it goes to the parser (asp.dll).

Use a Selfmade ActiveX-DLL on an ASP

Question: I’ve made an ActiveX-DLL using VB6 with one public and several private functions.How can I use (and call) the public function from an Active Server Page?? Answer: Invoke your

File Upload using VBScript

Question: I would like to ask about uploading a file using HTML. I have the code, but the problem is that I can not receive and save the file that

Using #Include in htm pages

Question: I have a .htm file in which I have the following line of code: The htm pages are both part of my VI6 project.The file IncludeLeftPanel.htm contains only simple