Returning data in a neatly formatted HTML page

Returning data in a neatly formatted HTML page

I am using a combination of HTML and ASP pages to pull data from a database. I use one HTML page to request the info with a form, which is then passed to an APS page that gathers the recordset. I want to then pass (access) the recordset to a generic results HTML page that I can use regardless of the search type. I can’t figure out how to get the recordset at the final HTML page.

Your final HTML page will need to be an ASP page. Make your generic results HTML page as an ASP page. Then insert the results of your database recordset fields into the appropriate locations.

To pass the recordset variable from one asp page to the other, you will need to either use the Application object or the Session object. In the first ASP page, store the recordset into an Application or Session variable. In the second asp page, retrieve it accordingly.


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