June 15, 1999

N.T. 4 Conversion

Question: Is there a painless way of converting a Novell 4.1 server to N.T. 4 without just performing a total rebuild? There are no applications running from the server but

OLE Commands for Powerbuilder to Word/Excel

Question: I was wondering if there is a list available somewhere of all the commands with their syntax for OLE? I want to manipulate Word and Excel from inside Powerbuilder

Accessing 2 or More Databases

Question: How do I access more than one database (e.g., Oracle and Access) via a Powerbuilder application? I currently have ODBC drivers for both databases, but cannot access the required

NT Scheduling

Question: How do I schedule to run my Exe automatically?When I schedule it, the exe does not run. Answer: First, for Command Scheduler to work consistently, the Schedule service must

Counting Time

Question: How can I count how long an application is used? Answer: You can use two time variables for this. Use the first variable to record the start time, then

PowerBuilder 6.5 and MS Word 97 Example

Question: Do you have any examples of calling MS Word Visual Basic to open, modify, print and close a document (i.e., calling macros, inserting tables)? Answer: Here is an example

Running NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 4

Question: I have a question about running NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 4. On start-up, I’m getting an error in my event log: Source: Server Control Manager, EventID 7023,

Use the Intern Method to Achieve String Equality

String comparison doesn’t work for variables. In fact, only variables referencing the same string will work. The String class has an intern method, which lets you compare two variables. This