June 22, 1999

Shockwave Flash and DHTML

Question: How can I make a Shockwave Flash movie run over or under a DHTML DIV tag with text inside? I tried to use z-index but it doesn’t work well with Flash. Answer: With the Flash program (or any Macromedia program, for that matter), there is usually a program that

Generate a DHTML Message From a Database

Question: I am working with Microsoft DHTML and when I insert the content of a field in a DHTML document, I lose part of my message. For example, suppose I write: Hello (insert first last name) How are you I obtain: Hello Frederic Smith However, I lose: How are you

List All Network-Visible SQL Servers

To enumerate all network-visible SQL servers using SQL-DMO objects, create a new standard EXE project and add a reference to sqldmo.rll. This file can be found in BinnResources1033sqldmo.rll under the SqlServer70 directory. Now add this code and declaration in your form’s code: Private Function GetAllSqlServerCollection(colSqlServers As Collection) As Boolean Dim

Change the Case of HTML Tags in Visual InterDev 6

Visual InterDev 6, Service Pack 3 lets you switch your HTML tags to uppercase or lowercase in a flash. For example, if you want uppercase tags, highlight the section of HTML and from the Edit menu click Advanced and then click Make Uppercase. There’s an even faster way if you

Retrieve a List of Available Serial Ports

Here’s a nice little function that retrieves a list of the available serial ports on your system. Note that this function uses Java’s Communications API, also known as javax.comm, which must be installed before the code will compile or run. Although this function shows how easy it is to use