July 9, 1999

What is a Side Effect?

The Standard defines a side effect as a change in the state of the execution environment. Modifying an object, accessing a volatile object, invoking a library I/O function, or calling

Use the Conditional Operator Judiciously

The conditional operator,?, is a shorthand for a sequence of if-else statements. Although it has legitimate uses, in many cases programmers tend to misuse it, thereby producing unintelligible and buggy

Perform Some Common Database Chores

These several database functions work together and perform various utility functions, such as checking if fields and tables exist, creating fields and tables, and so on. The interface hides all

Password Protect an Access Database

For simple Microsoft Access security, set the database password from the Security item under the Tools menu in Access, select Set Database Password, and enter a password. To use the

Generate Random Strings

This code helps test SQL functions or other string-manipulation routines so you can generate random strings. You can generate random-length strings with random characters and set ASCII bounds, both upper