July 9, 1999

Use Name Parameters With Oracle Stored Procedures

When executing an Oracle stored procedure, use the named parameter convention. In place of this code: OraDatabase.ExecuteSQL _ (“Begin Employee.GetEmpName (:EMPNO, :ENAME); end;”) Use this code:OraDatabase.ExecuteSQL (“Begin Employee.GetEmpName _ (empno=>:EMPNO,

Checking Net Speed

Question: Is there a script that can gauge site visitors’ net connection speed and route them to the proper link? In particular, I’d like to “auto link” my real video

Check Whether Password Includes a Number

Question: How can I check if the password that a user inputs has at least one numeric character? Answer: The best way to check whether what the user has entered

Using ASP and VBScript

Question: I am developing an application using VBScript and ASP. I wrote this HTML code to be executed on a client’s machine:

Accessing Database from Web Server

Question: I have added a data connection in Visual Interdev. In the Data View I can see all my tables, fields and so on. My database resides on a SQL

Underlining Links on Mouse Over Only

Question: When I add a hyperlink to an ASP page, the link appears underlined. How can I remove the underline from the link? I only want the line to appear

Invalid Operator for Data Type

Question: I am getting this error message: Invalid operator for data type. Operator equals subtract, type equals varchar. What does this mean? Answer: It means you are doing subtraction on

Manipulate the Last Active Textbox

Question: I want to use a form that contains a set of textboxes and a set of buttons. When I push a button, I want to manipulate the last active