July 14, 1999

Program Fails to Compile

Question: Every time I try to compile a program, I get “Error(0) Duplicate Resources” and the program stops. I understand that this is a linker error of some kind, but

A Simple Right Mouse Click

Question: I am learning Delphi 4. I’m trying to create a program that can distinguish between a right and left mouse click and perform an operation based on which button

Displaying a Record Number for a Table

Question: I use an InterBase database with an alias made in BDE. I want to display the record number for a table when I navigate through the records. Your solution

Returning the Root Drives

Question: Can you tell me how to get the root drives on a system? Answer: The 1.0 and 1.1 version of the Java APIs did not include a means ofdetermining

Conditional Semaphores

Question: I am trying to create a queue that will be emptied by multiple threads simultaneously. In C/C++ this requires the use of a conditional semaphore to signal that the

Determining Memory Usage

Question: Is there a way to determine the percentage of CPU usage or RAM usagewithin a Java application? Answer: Java does not provide an API for determining CPU usage, but

Resizing JTable Cells

Question: How can I create cells in a JTable that span multiple rows/columns,as you can do in HTML with the rowspan/colspan tags? Answer: To the best of my knowledge, it

Select Stored Procedures in MS SQL 7

Question: How do I access an MS SQL 7 Stored Procedure that returns a multi-row Dataset through Delphi 3? InterBase allows selecting from a Stored Procedure. MS SQL 7 only

Java History

Question: I just want to know where Java came from. Can you give me a history of this language? Answer: I can give you a brief history. Java started out