July 26, 1999

DHTML Loads Faster Than Accompanying HTML

Question: I often have the problem in which the DHTML on my page loads faster than the accompanying HTML. Therefore, users are enticed to click away at elements, which trigger events that act on HTML that have not yet loaded. The result is a script error. I know I can

Encountering Tabular Data Control Error

Question: I have an index page where the user clicks on a name to bring up that person’s biography on the next page. The names are hyperlinks to the next page followed by # and the number of that person’s record. I use the Internet Explorer ActiveX Tabular Data Control

Changing an Image Src in a DIV From Another DIV

Question: I can’t reach an image src in a DIV from another DIV in Netscape. Do you have any suggestions? Answer: The problem that you’re running into here is that Netscape doesn’t retain content information about the elements once they are drawn. Thus, a DIV object doesn’t know about its

How to Make a Patch for a Product Upgrade

Question: How would a person make a patch to upgrade their software in VB6? Answer: The best way to do this, with the least amount of work, is to use a tool like Wise Solutions’ SmartPatch utility, which comes with all versions of their installation toolsets. It takes care of

ADODB.Recordset Type “Not Defined”

Question: I copied the following code from a good book on e-commerce, but the VB code (Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise) gets an error on the Dim rsBankData line “User-defined type ont defined.” Why is this? Option ExplicitPublic Function Transfer(vUserName As Variant, vTransferAmount As Variant, _ vSavingsBalance As Variant, vCheckingBalance As

Printing a Barcode (GIF) From Netscape 4.05+

Question: I have a barcode saved as a GIF that is truncated each time it is printed from Netscape. It prints fine in Internet Explorer and Netscape 4.04 but does not work in subsequent versions of Netscape. The GIF displays properly but is altered when previewed or printed. I have