ADODB.Recordset Type “Not Defined”

ADODB.Recordset Type “Not Defined”

I copied the following code from a good book on e-commerce, but the VB code (Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise) gets an error on the Dim rsBankData line “User-defined type ont defined.” Why is this?

Option ExplicitPublic Function Transfer(vUserName As Variant, vTransferAmount As Variant, _  vSavingsBalance As Variant, vCheckingBalance As Variant) As Variant  '/  Declare local variablesDim cyTransferAmount As CurrencyDim strQueryString As StringDim rsBankData As ADODB.Recordset

Make sure that you have a reference to the Microsoft Active Data Objects library in your project. Once you do this, all the ADODB types will be available to you.


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