August 24, 1999

WebClasses vs. Active Server Pages

Question: What do you suggest using as far as WebClasses versus Active Server Pages (ASP) is concerned? It appears that WebClasses do everything ASP can do, and are faster. Answer:

Installing IIS 3.0 to Read ASP Files

Question: We have a form that uses an ASP file to post results in Access 97. It works fine on my computer using Microsoft Personal Web Server, but will not

Run Code Only When Form Is Submitted

Question: I have a Web page that uses a form to submit information to an ASP page. Once the data is submitted, the page is reloaded. At this point, if

Make an ATL Object Noncreatable

Here is a simple way to make your COM object noncreatable. You can change the attributes of an ATL-based COM object so that the automation client cannot directly create the