September 2, 1999

Change Your Selection Mode

Did you ever want to copy a block of preformatted text or a long concatenated SQL string, but wished that InterDev didn

Use VBScript Split Function with Multi-Select Controls

When you have a multi-select control, your request variable for the control will be comma delimited. An easy way to retrieve each option value is to use the VBScript Split function. Split basically accepts a string and a delimiter. You can also pass it a count value to tell it

Change the Colors of Various Options in a Select Control

Regular select controls are quite bland. Wouldn’t it be interesting to add some color? With IE (this tip, unfortunately, does not apply to Netscape), you could change the color of each option. To change the color of the text, add style=”COLOR: red” to your tag. To change the background color,

Improve ASP Performance

You can improve on ASP performance by avoiding the use of server-side #include directives to include large lists of constants. Instead you can use the new tag to import type-library constants into global.asa. For example, you can use this line to import ado typelib information in the asp:

Choose Consistent Case for Open and Close Tags

Writing well-formed HTML is really quite simple. It has the benefits of markup being unambiguous as well as a way to increase the robustness of the Web, while simplifying and accelerating the processing of well-formed documents and data. It is good to choose a consistent case for open and close

Navigate Back to the Target

One of the easiest methods to navigate back to the page where they came from is with JavaScript called document.referrer. This document.referrer means the page that referred the current one. You can use it to create a link or a button to take the user back without the aid

Benefits to Executing SQL Queries with the Command Object

You should compile your SQL queries with the ADO Command object to avoid problems that can arise from concatenating strings and variables to form SQL queries. Using Command object’s Parameter collection can help you avoid the problems related to defining certain types of string, date, and time variables. SQL query

Setting Timeout for ADO

If you have a data driven Web site, you might provide functionality so that a user can delete records from the database via a Web page. If there are lots of records, you

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