September 2, 1999

How to Construct Images in Memory

There are many simple images (stripes, hue gradients, fractals, and the like) that can easily be constructed in memory via code. To do so, you need a one-dimensional array to

Exploit Serialization To Perform Deep Copy

The clone() method of java.lang.Object class makes a shallow copy of anobject i.e. a copy that excludes the objects that the to-be-cloned object contains. Therefore, to produce a deep copy

The Fraction Gotcha In Java

In Java The expression x/y (x and y are both integers) will represent an integer operation that would result in an integer. So, the result of 4/5 would be 0.

Discover the IP Address of Your Local Machine

The class represents an Internet Protocol (IP) address. It has a static method, getLocalHost(), that you can use to obtain an instance of based on your local machine’s

DHTML Collapsing Treeview

y now, I’m sure that you have some Web development experience, either with VB DHTML applications, or HTML pages using VBScript. If not, then you will soon, so pay attention.

FormManager Fun in Visual InterDev 6

his article takes a first look at the FormManager, one of the important new featuresin Visual InterDev 6. When dropped onto an Active Server Pages (ASP) page, the FormManagerdesign-time control