September 4, 1999

Be Cautious with Equality Tests on Literal Strings

It is perfectly legal to use of the equality operator to compare literal strings. However, the results might be surprising: bool eq;eq = “Mungojerrie” == “Rumpleteazer”; //not what you expect

A C Renaissance?

The rumors about the obsolescence of C were immature. In fact, some of the latest developments in the software world indicate that C is still a leading programming tool. Linux

Change the SQL Server Configuration Option

You can use sp_configure with RECONFIGURE to display or change server-level settings. However, some configuration options require a server stop and restart to update the currently running value. RECONFIGURE does

Visit Dennis Ritchie’s Homepage

The homepage of Dennis Ritchie, the creator of C and a coauthor of the legendary The C Programming Language, is probably the best virtual museum of the C programming language.

Catch Exceptions by Reference

Although you can catch an exception by value, as in the following example: catch( Exception except) // by value { //