September 24, 1999

Registering DLLs in DHTML Applications

Question: I’ve just started using DHTML in Visual Basic 6.0 and have encountered a few glitches. When using ActiveX DHTML, where does the compiled DLL file have to be stored

Place Image in an Absolute Position

Question: I’ve been using the Microsoft ActiveX image control to place my images in absolute positions on my Web page. However, I have run into problems with this image component

The Advantages of XML Over CSV

Question: What is the advantage of XML over say, a comma delimited file? If you’re using it for data transfers between platforms, I would think that always having to explicitly

Creating Images on the fly with ASP Pages

One of the impressive features of Active Server Pages is the ability to deliver fresh, active content in direct response to user input. In addition to creating responsive text, you

Execute DOS and Windows Programs from ASP

Although it is usually more efficient to use a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that meshes well with the Internet Information Server (IIS) and Active Server Pages (ASP) environment, you may